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Ballykelly 1977/78

Left: Paul [Stan] Langston - Centre Vic Little - Front Dave Cogan with unidentified growth on upper lip !

Imjim Parade HYDE 1961

Gunge Green, Les Radnedge,Ian Shrimpton, ?, ?, Pixie Pichard.


Canoe Instructers course Berlin

LIBIA 1961

Mortar platoon section, Bob Greening,John Longdon,Taff Palmer, Bill Brooks.

Exercise Troodos mountains Cyprus 1963

Frank ?,Alan ?, George ? Dave ? Jim Preston,Lofty ?,Ron Thorpe.


A young Kenny Knight at the Training Depot

Alf Beard & Alan Lusmore Berlin 1967

A Coy - Duncreggan 1969

Lusmore & Elky on the way to N.I. 1969

Duncreggan Camp 1969

L,Derry 1970

Tich Lake who dropped the match! Minden


No prize to guess where

Phil & Robo, Soltau July 1972

Phipps & Ravcol. Duncreggan

3 Platoon let loose in Amsterdam

San Ignacio Belize 1990

ATGW Plt Spt Coy Belize

Laural & Hardy

Magillian Ranges 1988

Otterburn 1991

Salisbury Plain 1991

4 Plt B Coy 1 Glosters 1990

After nearly 35years, Glyn (Taff) Watson and Terry White meet up again in Berlin.

Quebec Brks Osnabruck 1959

13 Platoon, D Coy outside Block 4, L to R, Mansford, Phelps, Griffiths, Marfell

Battalion Boxing Team Cyprus 1963

B/row T, Whithead, B, Llewelyn. Smudge Smith.

2/row Ukn, T, Gaze. S, Spiers. UKn

3/row J, Buchanan. F,Birks. L, Palmer. F, Soyer. B, Goss.

F/row ?Urine. Manny Mansford. ? Leonard

Cyprus 1964

Mont Pincon with D Coy in 1964 Flying the Flag at Waynes Keep

John Hyde, Howard Maber, Bill Griffiths, and Phil Weavings.

Reminiscing about the good old days in Berlin in 1968...great memories, great friends.

Sgt Bill Hodges and family 1969

Sgt Hodges arriving in Berlin with his wife and ten children.

Where are they now!

Pte Hewitt and L/Cpl Cullinane Recce Plt.

At the Zone Boundary between the British and Russian Zones Berlin 1969

Cpl Radnedge

Winner of his Lightweight bout in the final of the Berlin Bgd Boxing Championships 1967

Bandsmen Dophy & Jones

Part of the train guard that ran daily through East Germany from Berlin to Brunswick

1 Glosters Winners Western Command Challenge Trophy 1966/67

Battalion winning team with GOCinC Western Command

Fort Carson Colorado USA

Cpl M Bryant briefs a section of D Coy Exercise 'Wild Sunset' with US 5th Inf Div

Imjin Platoon 1958 The Passing out Dance, Topsham Bks

Left to Right, Rushmere, Bennett, Madge, White, Buchanan.

Buchanan as Regular remained in the Glosters but the others being National Servicemen joined the Devon and Dorsets and went to Cyprus. We have never met since.

Imjin Platoon on the Passing Out Parade Inspection 1958

Note the Lee Enfield rifles and Pig Sticker Bayonets. Geof Brain and One Ball Buchanan can be seen in the Rear Rank

Lt. Col.T Stearther MBE

Ice pick in hand about to scale the North face of Crickley Hill!

JNCO Cadre pass off parade Canada 1983.

Pte Powell recieving Top Student from CO LT COL Rostrom

Cozy Powell ex WO2 Glosters/RGBW

Stuart Dancer meets Curly and Barney in Derry

Stuart Dancer meets up with Terry White in Wales

C Coy rugby team Hobbs Cup Champs Munster.

A span of 300 years

Charlie and Mark Stevens Watching Boxing

Horace & Bill Cyprus 1963

The old guard Ballykelly 1978

L to R: Chalkie White,Vincet Joseph, Drummer L/Cpl Tench, L/Cpl Pete Bruce Sig Plt.,George Spence

Ballykelly 1978

Terry Foot, Tim Peglar, Pete Smith, Jo Joseph and Chalkie White(kneeling)

Veterans at the Glosters Memorial. Korea

Sent in by Bill Griffiths ( second from right ) at the Glosters Memorial in 'Sol Mari' Korea, taken during a re-visit in 2003.

We were presenting gifts to Korean students to enable them to go to University.

Dave Collins

lt V P.I. Instructor RT. Mauritius Police 1965 Dave won K O

Pat Mick Tony, George and Chris

Tunnel beach Episcopi 1964

Vern Toogood and Charlie Polymedia

Cyprus 1964

Freedom of Tewkesbury 1974

Freedom of Tewkesbury 1974

Billy Tombs. Libya 1963

Mick Whiting,Jock Doherty, Ken Saunders Cyprus 1962-64


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