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12 March 2016

 Reunion Devizes
May 2016

 Reunion Salisbury
July 2016

 Reunion Reading
July 2016


Sad farewell to the ‘ Fighting G’

On the 15th of September 2015, HMS Gloucester will unceremoniously leave Portsmouth docks in tow behind a tug on her final voyage to a scrap yard in Turkey where she will be broken up.
Affectionately known as the ‘Fighting G’ HMS Gloucester has been laid slowly rusting at her berth in Portsmouth since she was decommissioned on the 30th June 2011.

Much like our own proud Regiment her name will disappear into the history books. This will mark the end of a long association with our Regiment and City.
 She is the eleventh Royal Navy ship to bear the name Gloucester, the first can be traced back to 1564. But in their wisdom the Admiralty have decided that this is the end of the line, the last HMS Gloucester.  In future no warships will be named after Towns or Cities.

Generation of sailors have been proud to serve aboard the ships that they could identify with their hometown, much like we infantrymen who were fiercely proud to identify with our fighting County Regiments, none more so than we Glosters.
Farewell the ‘Fighting G’………………



th September 2015  From 1100 hrs at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum, The Keep, Castle Canyke Road, Bodmin, PL31 1EG

Calling all Ex, Serving and Reserve members of the DCLI, Light Infantry, The Rifles and Cornwall ACF.  Come and meet some old friends!            DETAILS


2015 is the centenary of the Battle of Loos where all of the predecessor Regiments of the Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire (RGBW) Regiment fought and 2015 is also the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of the Waterloo.

To commemorate these battles, there will be an Association event in Windsor in late October. Security precludes further information being made public now but further details are available from our County Offices in Gloucester and Salisbury.
Col. Stephen Oxlade.

  Gentlemen,                                      Option 1               Loos Attendance

At the last Executive Committee meeting concern was raised at the very high cost of the visit. I have now received the following: Read on

The RGBW Trustees have now kindly agreed to subside the costs of the 2 day Battlefield  tour for Association members (but not partners) at a cost of £237 per member and a further £100 contribution for Standard Bearers in recognition of their attendance throughout the year at reunions and funerals, much of which is done at their own expense. 

On 28 April 2015 at 12:07:50, Stephen Oxlade ( wrote:

The outline programme is as follows:

Wed 23 Sep - fly from Southampton to Amsterdam, collected by coach and taken to a hotel in Loos.

Thu 24 Sep - Battlefield tour of Loos with a qualified tour guide and documentation..

Fri 25 Sep - Battlefield tour of the Battle of the Somme 1916 with a qualified tour guide and documentation.

- Sat 26 Sep - National commemoration in Loos with marches, speeches, wreath laying and a reception given by the Mayor and community of Loos.

- Sun 27 Sep - Coach to Amsterdam for return flight to Southampton.

The National Commemoration Day on Saturday involves a Drumhead Service at the cemetery in Loos, followed by a march with standards to the war memorial in Loos for speeches and wreath laying. This will be followed by a reception for all by the Town Council. Many Regimental Associations from the UK are taking part and so it is important that we are well represented. There will be national and international media coverage.

The RGBW Trustees have kindly agreed to subside the costs of the 2 day Battlefield  tour for Association members (but not partners) at a cost of £237 per member and a further £100 contribution for Standard Bearers in recognition of their attendance throughout the year at reunions and funerals, much of which is done at their own expense. 

There are a number of options for you to select from:

Option 1 is the full tour with 2 Rifles - travel, accommodation, tours and all meals less one dinner. See attached from the tour company with more details.

Costs are - Partner £667, Assoc Member £430 and a Std Bearer £330

Option 2 is to make your own travel arrangements to and from Loos and whilst you are in Loos to the battlefield tour locations but be accommodated with 2 Rifles in their hotel.

Costs are - Partner £389, Assoc Member £132 and a Std Bearer £32.

Option 3 is to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements but attend the 2 days of battlefield tours and the Saturday commemoration event.

Costs are - Partner £237, Assoc member and Std Bearer no charge

Option 4 is to just attend the Saturday Commemoration event and march with the Association. There is no charge but it would be helpful to know numbers attending. 

Further details on the options and those who have expressed an interest are on the attached performa. Please note that those going for the full tour will need to pay a deposit of £100 by 12 May for the  hotel and flights cost which will follow.

Please  return the attached performa or state your intention by 8 May to Lesley at RHQ Gloucester stating your intention

Best wishes,
Stephen Oxlade



Museum July 15 Newsletter
Dedicated to all those who have served their country as Soldiers of Gloucestershire

| Visit the Museum |Education | Shop | Latest News |The Friends|



Gloucester is building up to the start of the Rugby World Cup, with four matches being played in the City. As part of the World Cup, the City is launching a series of sculptures across the City, christened Scrumpty. We are delighted to be a part of the trail and our Scrumpty, five feet high and weighing half a ton, is being painted by an ex Gloster, Simon McCouaig. It has been christened ‘Old Bragg’ and will be wearing both Gloster and RGH badges. Scrumpty will arrive outside the Museum in a blaze of media coverage in the first week of August. We are also host to a children’s Scrumpty Trail, ten mini-sculptures hidden throughout the Museum. 


Anyone who can find all ten will have the chance to win one of the mini sculptures. Finally, some of you may be aware that the Webb Ellis Cup, the Rugby World Cup trophy is touring the country and spent an afternoon in Custom House recently, attracting lots of interest and media coverage.



We have previously planned to mount a Special Exhibition on Rugby to coincide with the World Cup. This has changed for two main reasons. First, we learnt that the Gloucester City Museum was laying on its own Special Exhibition, had managed to collect some iconic items and had commissioned a special art exhibition featuring past and present local rugby legends. Therefore, we are working in partnership with them and have offered the City Museum the best rugby items we have in our collection to use in their display. Secondly, the Special Exhibition on Waterloo has been an outstanding success and The Waterloo Exhibition will remain until next March/April, when we intend to mount a Special Exhibition on The Somme. This plan is subject to 1 RIFLES agreeing to continue the loan of The Waterloo Casket from their Officers Mess; it is the centrepiece of the exhibition. 


We hope to get a copy shortly of the documentary filmed in the Long Room and shown on Forces TV in June about POW’s in Korea. The intention is to view it and consider how best to make use of it in the Korean Gallery.

Rugby_15 4




A new showcase, which displays musical instruments and weapons used by the Frampton Volunteers in about 1800 is now in place and adds considerably impact to the Napoleonic War Gallery and the Museum. The conservation of the items and the showcase itself have both been funded by The Friends, a reminder of the contribution they make to the Museum, together with a donation from the Frampton Fair. 


Last month we asked if anyone could explain how a bugle inscribed with the name of a bugler (E Dickson) could have been found hidden under the floorboards of the Dover home of the late Drum Major Buss. We would still like to hear from anyone who can identify E Dickson? 


Finally, we have just launched a new Gloucester Museums Pass in association with the City Museum, Folk Museum and National Waterways Museum. Anyone purchasing a pass will gain unlimited access to all four museums for twelve months. Prices are £10 for an adult and £20 for a family – a real bargain!



  There are still a few spaces available on the 2015 Battlefield Study to Waterloo!

20-23 September 2015

In the tradition of previous successful Battlefield tours this one promises to be an enjoyable and informative experience, and a fantastic opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

Air conditioned coaches and ferry will transport guests from Bulford and Shorncliffe (free parking available) to the Bedford Hotel in Brussels which is located about 450 metres from the Grand Palace with bars and restaurants nearby.

Here guests will enjoy breakfast each day which is included in the price and the chance to relax in the hotel’s comfortable surroundings, which offers a Piano bar and free WIFI (in public areas).

What’s included?

Mon 21 Sep - visit to the twin battlefields of Ligny and Quatre Bras and the withdrawal through Genappe;

Tue 22 Sep  - full day at Waterloo and a sumptuous Gala Dinner at the hotel (the cost of which is included);

Wed 23 Sep - visit Wellington’s HQ in Waterloo and guests will have free time before heading back to the UK to arrive at Bulford by around 1900 hrs

So why not join us?

The anticipated cost for the 3 day event is expected to be in the region of £465 per person. A deposit of £100 on booking is required. If you are interested in joining us please scroll down this page for more details and link to booking form  which should be sent along with a cheque for £100 (made out to the ‘Rifles Regimental Trust’) to Tracy Froud at the address on the form before 13th March 2015.  SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE FOR FULL DETAILS POSTED EARLIER




I (Phil Lalor) am organising a Reunion of Ex Junior Soldiers who served in Junior Soldiers Company, Wyvern Barracks, Exeter at any time in its history and who were badged either Devon and Dorset Regiment, Gloucestershire Regiment, Royal Hampshire Regiment or Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment.
 Any Officers (quite a number of ex officers have expressed an interest in the 2015 reunion) or Adult Instructors who served in the Company are most welcome.
The Reunion will take place in the Officers Mess of the Exeter UOTC (The old Junior Soldiers Accommodation Block) and will commence at 1900 Hours.

 Any people attending will have to confirm this with me (Phil Lalor), you should include names of wives etc, as soon as possible, either by phone on 07876734230 or by e mail:  The reason for this is because Wyvern Barracks is still a Military Establishment all persons who enter or leave Wyvern Barracks have to be checked in and out.  Anyone who turns up without prior notice will not be admitted.

There are a limited number of car spaces and anyone wishing to take advantage of this facility will have to give their car details including make, model and registration in advance. There will be a BBQ on the evening. 

I will be producing a letter giving all the relevant details for the reunion (including the cost per head for the food) and this will be sent to those wishing to attend and they are asked to send a cheque for the cost of the food, which has to be ordered in advance.  Thank you and hope to see you there (Phil Lalor)


 Fomer DERR/RGBW Soldier lost His Home And Much Memorabilia In Australian Bush Fire

Vicky Whiteway writes from Australia:

Benjamin Henry Whiteway, my husband, served with the regiment (DERR/RGBW) for 14 years, ending back in 2001. He has proud memories of his time in the Army and enjoyed every minute.

After an injury Ben felt his career prospects were limited. We wanted to start a family and so he left and joined the police in the UK. In 2006 we migrated to Australia, transferring into the Police here.

Recently we lost our home in the Sampson flat bushfires. Searching under Ben Whiteway and Bushfires will get you to the many news stories. One example is:
The reason for my e-mail is, when searching through the ashes we have come across his medals, which were in a fireproof box, but very little was left of it. All his photos and memorabilia have been lost. He looked in vain for any trace of the bronze infantry soldier the team gave him when he left, but sadly there was nothing to recover.

While Ben says he’s ok with it, I know he regrets leaving these memories behind and he’d be thrilled if there were a way to get his medals restored (if at all possible) or reissued.

I know that he has tried, unsuccessfully, to get in touch with two of his army friends since the fire. Matthew “Robbo” Roberts and Steve Saunders were both at our wedding. If there is any way you can pass on a message to them and ask that they contact him via my e-mail or directly that would be awesome. Bens direct e-mail is: b w  or he’s on Facebook as Bill White. He’d love to get in touch and maybe get a few copies of photos.
If there is anything you can do to help us that would be amazing.

Thanks, in anticipation - Vicky

Vicky's letter was received at Salisbury office. For medal replacements she has been advised to approach the MOD Medals Office at:
The Ministry of Defence Medal Office
Insworth House
Imjin Barracks

If you know of the whewrabouts of Matthew “Robbo” Roberts and Steve Saunders ask them to contact Vicky Whiteway at:



The 2015 Regimental Association Newsletter is now available here on line.
Click the cover picture left to open in PDF format.

If you do not have PDF  the free version of PDF Reader can be downloaded
Quick and easily

Click the logo

NOTE: This is a pre publication copy. If you have ordered and are expecting a hard copy in the post, they are due from the printers on the 18th January and will be mailed out as soon as possible.

The 2015 Newsletter has been placed on the  website that allows the inclusion of photographs and makes the publication more professional.

 For those who would prefer a hard copy of the Annual Newsletter, it remains available upon subscription of £2.00. Should you wish to receive a copy, CLICK HERE to obtain a form that you should print off and submit together with a cheque, to the
Salisbury Office by NLT the AGM on 17th October 2016.
(Rifles County Office, The Wardrobe,58 The Close, Salisbury. SP1 2EX





A.        Waterloo 2015 Commemorative Battlefield Study dated 10 September 2014.

  1.         Further to Reference A I am pleased to be able to provide you with more information with regard to travel arrangements, accommodation and personal requirements for The Rifles Battlefield Study (BFS) to Waterloo 20-23 September 2015.


 2.         The nominated hotel which is located in Brussels will be the Bedford, which is a boutique hotel situated approximately 450 metres from the Grand Palace.  The hotel offers a number of facilities such as a fitness suite, Piano bar and free WIFI in public areas.  There are also a number of bars and restaurants in the near vicinity of the hotel.  Breakfast will be provided daily by the hotel at no additional cost.


 3.         Travel will be by coach and ferry, with two coach departure options anticipated (depending upon numbers). Two coaches will leave from Ward Barracks, Bulford and one coach will leave from Sir John Moore Barracks, Shorncliff, Kent.  Parking at these locations will be at nil cost however you will be required to provide me with your vehicle registration and your preferred parking location in advance.  A form will be sent nearer to the event requesting details. 

 4.         Option 1 – 2 coaches will depart from Ward Barracks, Bulford at 0800 on Sunday 20th September.   On arrival at Ward Barracks you will be met by RHQ personnel.  Please allow plenty of time to park as the coach will need to leave Bulford promptly in order to avoid missing the ferry crossing.  The coach will then proceed direct to the Ferry terminal.  Lunch will be available on the ferry at your own expense.  Ward Barracks Bulford Map

 5.         Option 2 – 1 Coach will collect passengers from outside Sir John Moore Barracks, Kent at 10:30 on Sunday 20th September.  Sir John Moore Barracks have a car park situated directly outside the camp which is overseen by the security staff at Shorncliff.  Please note however parking is at your own risk therefore I would suggest you remove all valuables from your car. The coach will then proceed to the ferry terminal where it will convene with the other group.
Sir John Moore Barracks, Shorncliff

 6.         On arrival at Bulford you will be met by Tracy Froud and The Regimental Secretary John Poole-Warren.  For those individuals who opt to travel from Shorncliff you will be met by Nick Haynes who is one of the Directing Staff (DS) on the tour.

 7.         The ferry will depart from Dover at approximately 12:00hrs.  (John Poole-Warren and I will be on the coach/ferry and at the hotel should you have any questions).


8.         Groups will travel in air conditioned coaches.  Each coach will be provided with a member of the RHQ team. 

 The Programme

9.         The programme has now been finalised and is shown below, full itinerary is at Annex E.

Sunday 20th September


Depart Bulford/ Shorncliff by coach

Arrive Dover Ferry Terminal at 11:30hrs.  Depart 12:00hrs (timings may change slightly)

Arrive Brussels the Bedford Hotel at 17:00hrs.


A briefing will take place for all participants in the Hotel conference room timings to be confirmed.

Monday 21st September


Breakfast at the hotel

The twin battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras and the withdrawal through Genappe. (Picnic lunch provided)


Arrive back at the hotel at approx. 5pm.  Evening free

Tuesday 22nd September

Breakfast at the hotel

Full day at Waterloo (lunch at own expense)

Return approx. 6pm.

Gala Dinner at The Bedford Hotel (cost included)

Wednesday 23rd September

Breakfast at the hotel

Visit to Wellington’s HQ in Waterloo.  Free time before we depart back to the UK.  Lunch and dinner at own expense

Arrive Ashford International 16:30.

Arrive Bulford Barracks 19:15


10.       The average temperature in September will be approximately 19c, so comfortable casual clothing including a hat is recommended.  Dress for the Gala dinner on Tuesday 22nd September is planters (tie no jacket) cocktail dress for ladies.


11.       Everyone must be in possession of a current British passport with a minimum of 6 months remaining before expiry. 

 Medical Insurance

12.       You are required to produce a copy of your insurance certificate which must be sent to RHQ by 1 July 2015 at the very latest. Similarly everyone must be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).  It is regretted that we are unable to take anyone without proof of medical insurance and possession of an EHIC.

Next of Kin

13.       The next of kin form is attached Annex B, this will need to be completed and returned with your full payment.  This form is important for us in case there is an accident or illness.

Notice of Attendance and Cost

14.       The final settlement will be due in early June however I will contact you nearer the time to arrange payment and car registration details.  If you are interested in attending and have not yet paid a deposit then please complete the enclosed payment slip Annex A and return it together with your cheque to RHQ.  Your cheque should be made out to the ‘Rifles Regimental Trust’ and sent to Tracy Froud at RHQ no later than 26th February 2015.  

15.       I should also point out that payment will be non-refundable unless we are able to locate an alternative interested party.  You should therefore make arrangements to have this amount covered through insurance, should you be unfortunate enough to be unable to complete the trip.

16.       Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01962 828523 or email Tracy Froud .

Tracy Froud
Assistant Regimental Secretary (Projects)


                                     A Gloster's War Horse Horse nicknamed 'The Sikh'
The real-life War Horse story of a horse named ‘The Sikh’
who accompanied Lieutenant A.C. Vicary of the Gloucestershire Regiment, her devoted master, throughout the whole War, regularly coming up to the trenches. Together they led the 61st in their victorious march through Serbia and Bulgaria, as well as spending time in the trenches of France and Flanders and  the Balkan battles,
where like the soldiers ‘The Sikh’ would have witnessed the terrifying artillery and machine gun fire as she carried her Officer between the battle lines.

She proceeded with the Regiment to South Russia, and followed the Regiment home to the UK through Turkey, Greece, Italy and France.
Her duty done, she  continued the journey to Devon, for a well earned retirement at the home of Lt. Vicary
.            (As Lt.Col. AC Vicary became CO 2 Glosters 1917)


'The Sikh' was just one of the one million horses sent to Western Front during war one. The horse was lucky to survive the conflict as only 67,000 returned home, after 933,000 tragically died.

The incredible story was unearthed by Chris Chatterton, the curator of the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum.

Chris was reading a book about The Glosters and came across a mention of 'The Sikh', who arrived with Lt. Vicary and the 2nd. Battalion Glosters at the Battle of Ypres. Chris  did some more research and it really is a remarkable story. Sikh was viewed by many men in the 2nd.Battalion as an Omen of good luck.

The brave horse was bred in Australia and sold to India. 'The Sikh' arrived in North China with the 36th Sikh Regiment where it passed into the ownership of Lt Vicary in 1913. The 2nd Glosters were in Tientsin, China at that time. When WW1 broke out the battalion was given orders to return to Europe and prepare for war, arriving back at Southampton, 8th November 1914. They deployed to France on the 18th December 1914. Vicary had obtained special permission to take 'The Sikh' with him.

'The Sikh' was the only horse to accompany the Battalion from China, braving a treacherous eight-week boat journey from China to Europe.

The mare spent the voyage in a makeshift open box on the deck - exposed to stifling heat and typhoons as the ship travelled to the UK, dodging German battle ships in the Mediterranean, according to the ship's log.

Whilst the soldiers were banned from sleeping on deck because of atrocious weather, the horse was left out in the elements and only allowed to stretch her legs when officers went ashore at Hong Kong, Singapore, Port Said and Gibraltar.

Sikh was a loyal companion to Vicary throughout the entire First World War, supporting him and his troops in the reserve lines and support trenches. 'The Sikh' managed to survive despite the desperate conditions for war horses.

On average, the British Army lost 15 per cent of its horses every year of the conflict, though just a quarter of horse deaths were caused by enemy action, according to the War Office's Statistics of the Military Effort of the British Empire during the Great War, 1914-1920.

Vicary ended the war with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, having won a Military Cross and two Distinguished Service Orders medals for his gallantry. (The London Gazette 31 December 1929 records Maj. & Bt. Lt.-Col. A. C. Vicary, D.S.O., M.C., retired on ret. pay, 1st Jan.1930, and is granted the rank of Lt.-Col. He Died in 1976).

After an illustrious and adventurous life as a war horse, 'The Sikh' died in peaceful retirement at Vicary's home in Devon.
 Spending the remaining days of this animals outstanding life in Devon, was reminiscent of the hero in best-selling Morpurgo's book.

After the remarkable story of 'The Seik' was unearthed last month, it has now been revealed that a dog survived the same journey!
Chris Chatterton, curator of the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum, unearthed the remarkable story last month but after looking deeper into the archives he has found mentions of a dog called Buller.
He said: “We found a brief mention of the dog and the horse accompanying Lieutenant A C Vicary and both ending up in retirement with him in Devon. Chris intends to research further and if he is successful you will be able to read his findings here.


[Note a similar sale of Gloucestershire Regiment chattels will follow later]

Important Amendments issued 06/5/15 Read this letter before proceeding click here Notice Amdt 1 (2).doc

(Disposal of Surplus Regimental Silver)

In June 2014 a Board of Regimental DERR Officers, chaired by Brigadier Mackereth, determined that surplus Regimental silver is to be disposed; that Gifted items are to be offered to individuals (still alive) or their families and/or direct descendants should they wish to have them back and the remaining items are to be sold, in the first instance, to Members of the DERR Officers, members and Old Comrades of the Regimental Association. Any items not bid for will be put up for Public Auction.

The Rules of the Sale. Practical information required is as follows:

Location. All items are held in the RIFLES Office in The Wardrobe, Salisbury.
Viewing dates and times:
1. Thursday 29th January 1000hrs – 1200hrs
2. Wednesday 4th February 1400hrs – 1600hrs
3. Friday 6th February 1000hrs – 1200hrs
4. Wednesday 11th February 1400hrs – 1600hrs


Catalogue. A Catalogue listing all items and their values is attached at Annex A. Alternatively, members may apply for a catalogue by sending an SAE – an A4 envelope with stamps for £1.00 is required (£6.00 from overseas) – to: The RIFLES Office, The Wardrobe, 58 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EX.

Gifted items. Gifted items (not shown at Annex A) are to be offered in the first instance to those individuals who presented them, if alive, or their families and/or direct descendants.

Bidding Proforma. Members must bid in writing for items at the list price only, using the Bidding Proforma at Annex B. If Members wish to bid for more than 10 items, they should reproduce extra copies of the proforma – Note that each one is to be signed.

"Applicants may bid at the minimum price less 25% but, on the basis that there may be a number of applicants bidding for an item, applicants are to indicate the maximum price that they would be prepared to pay for an item.

Closing Date. The closing date for submitted Bids is 31st January 2015 [revised now 14th February]

Successful Bids. The Regimental Board of Officers will reconvene as soon as practical in February 2015 and no later than 20th February to determine successful Bids, Successful applicants will be notified by email, letter or telephone NLT 28th February 2015.

Payment. Payment must be made by cash or cheque at the time of collection from The RIFLES office, Salisbury.



Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart who Commanded the 8th Battalion Glosters during the battle of the Somme was a one-eyed, one-handed war hero who fought in three major conflicts across six decades, surviving plane crashes and PoW camps. His story is like something out of a Boy's Own comic.

To read the full and fascinating account by Peter Crutchley as told in the BBC Magazine follow this link:


 By CitizenNews | Posted: December 02, 2014
                          Head of South Korean Army visits Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum

The Republic of Korea Chief of Staff General Kim Yo-Hwan arriving the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum
Escorted by Col. Rob Dixon

GLOUCESTERSHIRE’S military heritage was honoured by a visit from the head of the South Korean Army.

Republic of Korea Chief of Staff General Kim Yo-Hwan visited the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum today (December 2).
He had a tour of the museum before moving on to Gloucester Cathedral.

Before the visit he had lunch with veterans of the Korean War at Imjin Barracks, near Innsworth.

The Gloucestershire Regiment saw heavy fighting in the Korean War and was involved in the pivotal Battle of Imjin River in April 1951.

General manager of the museum and former Mayor of Gloucester, Chris Chatterton, visited the South Korean city of Paju in April to visit the new memorial there to the Gloucestershire Regiment.

He said: “It’s a great honour to welcome the General here. It shows the impact of the sacrifice made by the people of Gloucestershire during the war. It’s something that will never be forgotten.

“We wanted to show them the amazing hospitality I experienced when I visited South Korea in April. It’s nice to be able to reciprocate that.”

General Yo-Hwan also visited the cathedral to see a stone cross carved by Colonel James Carne, who fought with the Gloucestershire Regiment in Korea and was taken as a prisoner of war. He later won a Victoria Cross for his service.

Tomorrow he will complete his visit by attending the unveiling of the Korean War Memorial in London.

The Battle of Imjin River left 141 British soldiers killed and over 1,000 wounded, missing or captured after defending Hill 235 from more than 27,000 Chinese soldiers.

Brigadier Andrew Cliffe, a defence attache in Seoul who is accompanying the general on his visit, said: “He wanted to meet the veterans and express his thanks. Korea is a real success story because in the last 60 years it’s gone from a country that has received international support to being in a position where it can give aid itself.”

Gloucester Mayor Debbie Llewellyn said: “I’m delighted that the general took time from his massive schedule to come and see us. We owe the veterans a deep debt of gratitude. Hopefully we can grow this relationship even further.”


VIDEO: Korean army chief thanks veterans: The Chief of Staff of the South Korean army visits Gloucester to tha...




If any former inhabitants of this barracks are interested this is how it looks now, seems a lot of car repair firms use the old MT area and the blocks are up for lease as light industrial, office units, hasn’t changed too much, unlike the rest of Berlin.

Regards Dave Lewis ex Gloster.


 GSM 1962 with clasp "Cyprus 1963-64"
New Clasps  Cyprus 1963-64

Those servicemen who served in Cyprus during the period 21 December 1963 to 26 March 1964 will be awarded the General Service Medal (1962) with clasp "CYPRUS 1963-64". Applications for the new clasp will be accepted from 1 March 2015 onwards. The first of the awards will be despatched towards the end of that month (however these timings remain under review). Applications will be dealt with in date order.
For full details see this link to the Veterans-UK website:


Slashers Have Beaten The DERR Golf Society To Win The Burma Cup!
At Newbury Golf Club 2nd May 2014


(abridged text from the Gloucester Citizen)
Photos by Christopher Ryland

The 'Likely Lads' with Paju Mayor In-Jae Lee and Gloucester Mayor Chris  Chatterton

The South Korean city of Paju have honoured the Glosters who took an heroic last stand in the Korean War by erecting a multi-million pound giant monument.

The towering beret, which is set against the backdrop of photographs of all the men who fought in 1951 from the Gloucestershire Regiment, was unveiled before the eyes of several veterans on St George’s Day 2014.

The memorial is designed as a lasting tribute to the events of 1951 when for almost four days, fewer than 800 soldiers from the Glosters held off an army of 6,000 Chinese at the Battle of Imjin River, slowing down their advance into South Korea



The monument is 6.2metres wide and 2.2metres tall lists all of the names of men who fought.

Paju is close to the border with North Korea and the battle in which the Glosters fought was near to the city at Imjin Hill. One of the hills that surround the city has been renamed Gloster Hill as a further tribute.

Gloucester mayor Chris Chatterton said: “In some respects the Korean War has been forgotten in Britain, maybe because it came relatively quickly after the Second World War. We perhaps don’t tell the story as well as we should do in the city, but in South Korea it is hugely important and their children learn all about what happened.

                                                                            First sight of the centrepiece!

“The memorial is  extremely impressive and is a fitting tribute for the years to come.”
It follows on from a generous donation of £94,000 from South Korea to the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum, in Gloucester Docks, last year when dignitaries from the country visited the city.

The museum has recently undergoing a major refurbishment and will  feature an impressive section on the Korean War, aided by the money that was donated in 2013.



                                                          Cutting the tape      


Colour Party Marches On


Veterans March On


The British Ambassador delivers a message from Her Majesty The Queen
To the People of Paju




Always knew we are the Golden Boys!


The Gathering


Wreath Laying

Remembering the  contribution of the RNF

Our veterans presenting scholarships to local school children

Mayor Lee with Huw Evans from Gloucester RFC

Bringing Jobs and Investments.
Millions of pounds and thousands of new jobs could flood into Gloucester when a new trade agreement is signed with the South Korean city of Paju.
Gloucester mayor Chris Chatterton and Paju mayor In-Jae Lee will sign an agreement between the two cities when they meet on April 22.
It could be an economic boon for Gloucester as fast-emerging, futuristic South Korean companies eye up the UK market as the next place to open up for business. The Gyeonggi-do Province, in which Paju lies, is home to technology giants Samsung and LG.
Gloucester will be promoted as a ‘gateway to the UK’ by Mr Chatterton when he visits Paju on a privately-funded trip with Robert Dixon OBE and Chris Ryland, chairman and vice chairman of the Trustees of the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum.

Read more:


  Back Badge Reunion a Great Success!

A huge thank you to all those members of the Association who attended the Service and marched through the City of Gloucester on Saturday afternoon. The turn out was considerably larger than the previous 2 years and the reception by the citizens of Gloucester was as warm as it has always been. Planning has started for next year and the date will be known shortly. Thank you once again for attending and if you didn’t then you must next year !  

Lets make next years event an even larger gathering so the City of Gloucester remembers the Association and those who wore the Back Badge and who did so much for their county and country with great pride. 

Stephen Oxlade Chairman

Click thumbnail to enlarge
Photo by John Murphy and David Boaden




Do you Remember Bill Griffiths?
Bill writes: I have just written a very short memo regarding my attachment to the Glosters 1967 to 1970...Berlin, Honiton and Northern Ireland.
At the end of which, we held a dinner in the WOs Sgts Mess thinking that the end of the Regiment was imminent as we had been told we were to amalgamate with the Hampshires...this as you know didn’t happen....But I have my Pewter Pot showing the dates of the Regiment the 28/61st being...1694 to 1970.

Each of us present at that dinner were given one...I wonder how many of these have survived....I still have mine, and it is one of the most highly treasured items I have from my thirty nine years in Uniform....Kings Shropshire Light Infantry and RAPC.....
26 years as a regular and thirteen with the TAVR
Bill sends his best wishes and would be pleased to hear from you. Read Bill's Story>>>  see also
Bill Griffiths.


20th Op Grapple Tour (25th - 28th September 2014).

See below and the attached itinerary
from Capt Maurice Evlyn-Bufton

From our previous visit

There are 40 places for this 'adventure'. The price does not include flights, which we will want you to book directly [see info. on flyer], but everything else has been arranged, with any monies taken but not allocated to fixed costs, being paid directly to the GCF Bosnia charity post 'tour'.

The 3 day visit to Bosnia will combine the opportunity for a 'battle field tour' of Gorazde, I daresay a couple of beers and many stories with importantly, the opening of the English Speaking Laboratories and refurbished play ground/football pitch at Gorazde's Primary School, dedicated to those we lost on Op Grapple. More information go to .

To date the fund stands at £12,500, with a further £10,000 required to achieve full funding. I am confident I can bridge this gap with a summer fund raising event [in London] and also I am intending to run a marathon from Gorazde to Visagrad to raise funds on the Friday we are there (26th September). Anyone want to join me.....?

Thanks also to Andy Paddon and Andy Grant, that have arranged events which have contributed to this fund.

Nihad Gluscic has been outstanding in helping us get to this point,. not just the administrative parts related to the tour, but being the interface with the school, local authorities and the contractors required for the work at the school.

There will also be a hard back coffee table book completed by September, covering the Op Grapple 94/85 tour, estimated cost £25

If you have any photos, you can add these to our Facebook site, Gorazde Children's Foundation, with comments please! These will be drawn upon for the coffee table book. My own endeavours to write a comprehensive account are almost complete, with the book to be called 'Donkey Mail and Bully Beef, the art of survival Bosnia 1994 - 1995'. This will be done by September.
 I do hope you can find time to join what will be a great 3 day trip.

The Proposed Itinerary>>>>

Buy Tyre Covers for Charity !!  All profits go to
GCFBosnia is saluting those that sacrificed their lives in service in 1994, by investing in the town’s future generations. These are the children and grandchildren of those that suffered so terribly in the Bosnian conflict and those they came to protect. Our goal is to raise £25,000 to be donated to the local primary school.


Show your pride for only
for either the front or back badge cover
(£15.00 p/p) 
Looking for more information? Go to
Charity Number: 1155036

To obtain a hard copy delivered by Royal Mail
Click here for an order form>>>


Uniting Families with Disabilities

Outdoor activity breaks for any armed forces family that includes a person with a disability. 01768 772255

Click here for more details (PDF Format)>>>

 See our photo gallery for the 2013 Back Badge Reunion Photos>>>>>

Remembrance Sunday Whitehall Cenotaph 10th November 2013
(photo Daily Mail)


News from the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum 


 Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum



Win £25,000



The Museum has launched its own lottery in partnership with Unity Lottery, offering you the chance to win £25,000 every Saturday for just £1 a week. 50p comes straight back to the museum, so you can support our future and with 1 in 63 chance of winning!

To sign up online here or you can download the form to post.

View More



Phone: 01452 522862 ||Registered Charity: 1095077


Veterans home  in Gloucester

Opening the homes has also been made possible thanks to the dedication of an active group of local supporters, including; the Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, Dame Janet Trotter DBE, the Mayor of Gloucester, Councillor Chris Chatterton and representatives from The Rifles. The group is headed up by Brigadier Simon Firth CBE, who is himself an ex-Gloster. We are also grateful to the many organisations and individuals who have given generously to support the home.

We’re delighted to announce that ABF - The Soldiers’ Charity will be donating £30,000 to the Gloucestershire Homes for Veterans each year for the next three years. The funding received from The Soldiers’ Charity will go a long way to help provide support for the homes, which cost £65,000 a year to run.

                                     Click here to view the leaflet

» Donate online at:

The development of this home is actively supported by our Gloucestershire Ambassadors:
Dame Janet Trotter DBE, Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire
Robert Bernays, Vice Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire
Councillor Chris Chatterton, Mayor of Gloucester
Ian Mean – Editor of The Citizen
Brigadier Simon Firth CBE
Jane Jennings
Amanda Raybone J.P.
Anthony Raybone
Colonel Ian Harris
Commodore Jamie Miller
Chris Ryland

Claire Segrave

Charles Malet



Somerset Branch All Steamed Up!
Early Saturday morning, 28th September saw members and partners of the Somerset Branch gathering at Bishops Lydeard railway station ready to board the West Somerset Railway’s steam hauled train to take us to Blue Anchor, home of latest post service facility opened by the charity, Afghan Heroes.
Members chose this unique way to travel when they decided to visit the latest ‘Retreat’. Rebranded in June this year from the former Smugglers Inn, now renamed the ‘Smuggled Retreat’ and with five bedrooms and adjoining cottage it is ready to welcome former service personnel needing a base where they can overcome the traumatic experiences of recent warfare.

It is not surprising  that the Somerset Branch has developed a close affinity to ‘Afghan Heroes’ for it was on  Back Badge day 21st March last year, as Glosters gathered at the Ashcott Retreat to raise a glass or two to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Alexandria 1801, when in walked the first soldier to take advantage of the unique post services facility offered by Afghan Heroes. A Rifleman from 1 Rifles who prior to amalgamation served with the Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire & Wiltshire Regiment  and wore the Back Badge with pride.
The visit started off rather damp to say the least. It rained steadily as we waited for the photographer who for some reason failed to show so it was a bit of a rushed job to take a group photo before we got soaked! After we boarded the train the rain stopped, sods law……

It was a pleasure to have lads from Ashcott Retreat with us for the visit, they are always most welcome. Simon, the Manager and Mentor at Blue Anchor and his team did us proud, everyone enjoyed their meal and said they would return.





NCO's Cadre Minden


Big Changes afoot at the
Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum

The Trustees of the Museum of the Soldiers of Gloucestershire have just been awarded a grant of £500,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund to assist in the proposed major revamp of the Museum. They intend to buy the building from the government, build a restaurant alongside to generate essential funding towards running expenses, convert the attic floor into an extra storey and widen the remit of the Museum. The total cost is assessed as a further £4.5 million. We aim to establish the Museum as a resource of regional perhaps even national significance, acting now to preserve the county’s military history for future generations before more memories are lost for ever.

Read on>>>


Regimental Museum Receives a very welcome cash injection.

 The Mayor of Paju and the South Korean Ambassador were part of a group which visited Gloucester on the 12th March 2014.  
During the visit The Mayor, on behalf of a group from his home City presented the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum with a much appreciated gift of £94,000

Paju is located near the site of the Battle of Imjin River, in which the Glosters fought with great distinction, 22-25 April 1951.
 Those who died in the Battle of Imjin River are remembered annually by citizens  of Paju.

Mayor In Jae Lee was joined by the South Korean Ambassador, Suk-Hawn Park, to present the cheque to the Mayor of Gloucester, councillor David Brown. The money is to be used to enhance and expand a display space at the regimental museum.

Earlier the delegation met with personnel at the headquarters of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ ARRC). At Imjin Barracks in the City. The barracks are named after the Battle of the Imjin River, one of the bloodiest battles, during the Korean War. 

Their busy schedule also included a visit to the Cathedral and the offices of the Mayor of Gloucester.




  Former Gloster Craig Marshall has been busy following up on his interest in the Korean war and the Glosters heroic stand at the Battle of the Imjin River.

He has extracted news reports from the archives of the 'Bristol Evening Post' as reported daily at that time. They make interesting reading such as the story of Des Fox and Herb Graham who having twice escaped their captors were marched in front of the Chinese Colonel who clearly despaired of them and gave them safe conduct passes to freedom!



To read the extracts published in the Bristol Evening Post read on>>>>

The article is in PDF format

If you do not have PDF  the free version of PDF Reader can be downloaded
Quick and easily

Click the logo



John Skene MBE  a member of the Greater Bristol Branch of The Regimental Association.
 (Update: announced 12 November 2012. John is to be nominated for the City of Bristol's highest civic honour. Conservative leader councillor Peter Abraham will nominate John Skene MBE for The Lord Mayor's Medal. The honour is awarded each year to those adjudged to have given outstanding service towards improving the quality of life of others, often through voluntary charitable work

John was recently the guest of HRH Prince Andrew, along with other Burma Veterans, at Buckingham Palace. Prince Andrew spoke at length to John and other Burma Veterans, he was interested in their stories which enlarged his views following the Prince's recent visit to Burma.

John was born in 1919 and served as an engineer before he was called up to join the Glosters in the Spring of 1940.He served in France with the B.E.F. and was driven back across the Channel by Hitler's Army.

He saw short service in the coastal defence of Yorkshire in the Royal Welch Fusiliers and was then transferred to the Far East joining Field Marshal Bill Slim's troops taking back the Kohima Area of Burma from the Japanese forces.

His experiences in this campaign were horrendous and affected the rest of his life. He saw native children who had been tied to trees and used as Bayonet Practice by Japanese soldiers, He had fellow soldiers killed and maimed all around him until finally he himself was seriously wounded when a 600 lb. shell exploded close to his head. He survived but has suffered recurring headaches all the rest of his life.

Eventually he returned to civilian life and employment in 1946,as an Engineer..
He received the MBE in recognition of his services to engineering in 2002

Lt Col. (ret'd) R. E. Coleman JP (ex Gloster)
Greater Bristol Branch, RGBW Regimental Association.

Read also: Bristol Post article by David Clensy>>>


Presentation of the Memorial Bench Seat to 4 Rifles

 Col. Stephen Oxlade, Chairman of the Regimental Association presents the Memorial Bench seat to 4 Rifles on behalf of the Regimental Association Branches who contributed to the purchase. The seat will be erected in the Memorial Garden at Ward Barracks at Bulford.



The dedication of the RGBW and antecedent Regiments Memorial took take place on 12 July 2012 at The National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire in the presence of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, Patron of The Regimental Association of The Rifles and RGBW

In spite of appalling weather in the preceding days leading up the the event,  when it was reported that the site was flooded to the depth of 600mm, the floods receded and the sun shone down on us, creating the perfect setting for the unveiling . There were almost 400 members of all ranks present to participate in  the Dedication Service led by  the Chaplain to the Regimental Association, The Venerable Alan Jeans, in the presence of our Patron, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Colonel in Chief of the Regiment.
Below are just a few photographs sent to the webmaster:
More photos welcomed, please mail them as a jpeg attachment to an e-mail to



More photos welcomed, please mail them as a jpeg attachment to an e-mail to





 4 Rifles Memorial Bench For The Garden of Remembrance at Ward Barracks, Bulford
 4 Rifles have a memorial garden at Ward Barracks where friends and family can visit and quietly remember those lost in recent conflicts. The Regimental Association, having raised funds for a similar Bench for 1 Rifles at Beachley It has been suggested that the Association should commission a further bench for the garden at Bulford.  
The cost of the bench is £800 of which £200 has already been raised.  As with the bench at Chepstow we will present it with an engraved plaque from the Association.

Please donate to this very worthwhile cause either through your Branch or individually. Send a cheque to Lesley made payable to RGBW Regimental Charities at the Rifles County Office in Gloucester.
The Rifles County Office,
31 Commercial Road,
Gloucester. GL1 2HE


Thank you very much for your support.
Best regards,

Stephen Oxlade
Chairman of the Regimental Association

The photographs below show the presentation of the first bench donated to 1 Rifles


 RGBW Return to Gorazde Project Photo Update:

Click a thumbnail to enlarge





Thank you to all our supporters. All is on track. Team depart 9 -15 Jun.

BBC Points West/Radio Glos are now to accompany us for 3 days of filming. Points West will feature us on Tue, Wed, Thu 12,13 and 14th Jun. The dedication of the 2 x memorials is on Wed 13 Jun.

Further updates are at website  and at the very successful new Facebook site (RGBW.Gorazde) - (approx 100 friends so far!)

Once again, thank you so much to all our supporters who have made this possible.

Col Ian Harri

Former RGBW L/Cpl Andy Grant.
Andy Grant from Boston Spa, who previously served in 1st Battalion The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment (RGBW).
was ordained into the Priesthood by The Archbishop of York On Sunday 3rd June in York Minster.

A week after his ordination, Andy Grant will be going back to Gorazde, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with twelve other ex-RGBW soldiers to re-erect two memorial to four colleagues who died there in September 1994. Andy, along with the Battalion’s Padre, the Revd Patrick Irwin, will bless the memorials to Privates Ben Hinton, Philip Armstrong, Martin Dowdell, and Chris Turner.

Andy Grant said, “I’ve been serving four parish churches within the Benefice of Bramham, Boston Spa, as a Deacon for a year, and this first year has been a real privilege, and great learning experience. During this period that I was made aware of a plan by Colonel Ian Harris (whom I served under when in the Army) to return to Bosnia with a team to re-dedicate some memorial stones in honour of colleagues who died there back in 1994. The plan has since flourished, and the trip is now a reality, and it is a great honour for me to be invited along to lead the service of re-dedication as a minister.

“It is hard to say beforehand what impact this trip may have upon me, as I was injured in one of the incidents where our colleagues were killed, but it is a unique opportunity to restore these memorial stones to their rightful place, to honour the memory of fallen friends, and one which I would not want to miss. The accident itself was extremely traumatic and I recall God's protecting hand on my life that day in a very real way. What is difficult to understand or explain is why those other lads were not saved - this will remain for me always an unanswerable question in this lifetime.”

For more information on the The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment return trip to Gorazde
, Click here

                              The Plaques Refurbished (Mrs Lee-Browne) for Gorazde. Now in Sarajevo. Click thumbnail to enlarge


Bristol -  Gloucestershire Back Badge Service and Parade Bristol 11th March 2012
Photos by Keith Fussell- David Boaden- Sonia Miller
Click thumbnail to enlarge



Ray's 2012 Charity Target

Ray Peart as many of you will know was blinded in a bomb blast in 1973 whilst serving in the Glosters.

For many years since losing his sight Ray has raised many thousands of pounds in support of the Rifles regimental trust and local charities.

He has committed himself to raise funds this year to continue to support our soldiers who have been wounded or families of those who have fallen in action.

Ray will be doing a 1000 metre swim and a four mile walk on Monday 5th November2012. He has already raised £585, with Barclays bank PLC matching up to £750 as part of their pound for pound policy.

If anyone wishes to support this event please send cheques payable to The Rifles Regimental Trust , or contact Ray on 01452 533839 or by mail at 33 fieldfare, Abbeydale, Gloucester, GL4 4WH. Many thanks.

Well done Ray!!


A First World War recruitment song has been performed by  Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts as a tribute to Bristol men who lost their lives in battle.

Bravo Bristol! was written to rally troops to enlist in the 12th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, which became known as Bristol's Own.

Click for more details and listen at BBC Bristol>>>>

Will be featured on Inside Out West - BBC 1 West 7th Nov at 19:30



    Human remains in South Korea could be a Gloster

 The remains were found after an eyewitness to the burial came forward.
 Continue reading the main story

A BBC Report


 Memorial Bench
 1 Rifles have a memorial garden at Beachley Barracks with an engraved stone, on which are the names of those from the Battalion who have been killed on operations. It has been suggested that the Association should commission two metal benches for the garden. The benches will be metal so they will last.
The cost per bench is £850 and we hope to raise enough money to buy 2 and present them with an engraved plaque from the Association when the Battalion returns in October. Some Branches have already donated but we need more money.


Please donate to this very worthwhile cause either through your Branch to send a cheque to Lesley made payable to RGBW Regimental Charities at the Rifles County Office in Gloucester.
The Rifles County Office,
31 Commercial Road,
Gloucester. GL1 2HE


Thank you very much for your support.
Best wishes,

Stephen Oxlade
Chairman of the Regimental Association




  Click links below to read and view BBC coverage of Imjin60 19th April 2011
.Korean War veterans remember Battle of Imjin River

Gloucestershire Regiment remembered. As reported by ITV West Country
A new exhibition which commemorates the bravery of the Gloucestershire regiment has been opened at the Soldiers Of Gloucestershire Museum. It coincides with the sixtieth anniversary of the battle of Imjin in the Korean war, in which led to the regiment being called the Glorious Glosters.

As the 'Glorious Glosters' commemorate 60 years since the Battle of Imjin in Korea, here is the chance to look at a documentary produced by HTV West ten years ago, when regiment members returned to the scenes of battle.


By: Claire Satchwell

As reported by MARTIN PHILLIPS, Senior Feature Writer The Sun

Battle of Imjin River veterans returned to South Korea
A group of war veterans have returned to South Korea 60 years after fighting in the famous Battle of Imjin River



We are grateful to Uley Brewery who produced a Special Brew to mark the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Battle of the Imjin in April 2011

The ale is available in a number of Real Ale pubs in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.
Chas Wright

Chas Wright, proprietor of Uley Brewery says "We feel a special affinity with the Glosters, our County Regiment and with the Late Rev. Sam Davies MBE".
Sam as you know  was padre to the Glosters at Imjin and was himself taken prisoner along with the wounded.

When Rev. 'Sam' finally return to civilian life he became Vicar of Uley and maintained his close links with the regiment.


On the  15th March 2011
Ben Whichurch and Bert Fulgonil, Veterans of the Battle of the Imjin River were present at Uley Brewery to Start the brewing process of the 'Glorious Glosters Ale'

They are pictured with Uley's Head Brewer
Ken Lush

Capt. Charlie Stevens 6 Rifles, adds the
second batch of hops to the Glorious
Glosters Ale under the watchful eye
of Uley Brewery's head brewer, Ken Lush.



News From George Rogerson
Friends of George Rogerson will be pleased to hear that Gorge is back at home, taking it easy and recovering from a heart attacked suffered a few weeks ago. I am sure we all wish him a speedy recovery to full health.
George and Anita had planned to be in Gloucester for the Imjin and Back Badge Reunion on the 2nd of April but unfortunately will not be able to make it. But send their good wishes to everyone.
George, who lives in Chirk near Wrexham is Chairman of his local Branch of the Royal British Legion. Where it is clear the press report below, he and Anita have been very active.

George says  "the branch needed a new Standard and that led to a new flagpole which ended up with what we have today, there was no plans laid down just some ideas I had and some I used from a trip to El-Alamein Cemetery Egypt.
I had great encouragement from the Branch and locals, and was assisted in the build my my good friend Keith who is pictured to my right and has been to a few reunions as a guest and is a branch committee member."

Members and friends gathered for a special ceremony at the Royal British Legion Club in Chirk on Sunday afternoon. A new branch flag was officially unveiled followed by the dedication of a plaque by a Second World War veteran to mark the sacrifice of members of the armed forces over the years.
The flag and the plaque now have pride of place in the grounds of the club which has been lovingly face lifted by officials and members.

The new branch flag was unveiled by Wrexham’s deputy mayor Cllr Ian Roberts. Gron Roberts, who served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, dedicated the plaque.
Prayers were led by branch padre, the Rev Ben Parry.
The grounds were renovated over a period of six weeks by branch chairman George Rogerson with the help of his wife Anita, treasurer Mike Davies and committee member Keith Dalby.’
Mr Rogerson said “we also had a lot of support from members of the local community and we hope people of Chirk will come to the club to have a look at and what we have done and to enjoy the front of the building.”

Click image to enlarge


Hundreds Line the Streets for Gloucester Day Parade
Marching Bands, veterans and knights in shining armour paraded past crowds in the city centre to celebrate Gloucester Day.
Civil dignitaries and the great and good of Gloucester were led on a procession around the Gate streets and beyond by Gloucester town crier Alan Myatt.
Mr Myatt, one of the key figures in organising the event on Saturday, said: "It brought a tear to my eye to see all the veterans, and all the groups and organisations who took part.
"I was ecstatic to see how many people turned up and it was lovely to see all the faces - young and old.
Photo below of some of the Old and Bold who joined the parade



This may be important to you and your family
Hundreds of families of war veterans across the South West could be missing out on large inheritance tax savings, because they’re not aware of a little-used tax exemption. Read on >>>>>

Continuing care for Veterans
The purpose of this note is to remind those involved in the care of veterans that:-
As long as the clinical need remains, the commitments contained in the Command Paper, ‘The Nation’s Commitment: Cross-Government Support to our Armed Forces, their Families and Veterans’ and the Department of Health Written Ministerial Statement on the Medical Care of veterans of 11th January 2010, Read on>>>>>


 Renaming of RAF Innsworth to Imjin Barracks, Friday 21st November 2008

Veterans of the Imjin Battle in attendance at the ceremony . Ben Whitchurch - Tony Fulgoni
Col Guy Temple - Sam Mercer - Tony Eagles

Uniformed representatives of thirteen NATO nationalities were present.
Imjin Barracks will be home to the Allied Rapid Reaction Force from 2010. A force of about 1,000 drawn from NATO forces. Amongst those representing the Regiment at the ceremony were Maj Gen Robin Grist, Brig Martin Vine, Brig Simon Firth, Lt Col Guy Temple, Lt Col John Denley, Lt Col Rob Dixon, Major Leslie Ramsden and ex Korean POWs Sam Mercer, Tony Eagles, Ben Whitchurch and Tony Fulgoni. An oak tree was planted by the CGS to mark the occasion


 Veterans The Elizabeth Cross – Died On Operations Recognition Award

This new award has been created to provide national recognition for the families of Armed Forces personnel who have died on operations or as a result of an act of terrorism since WW2. Many of our older families who lost loved ones as far back as Korea will of course be included. If you are in touch with such families, please tell them about it and how to claim: Click here to go to the Veterans Agency Website for more details and link to application forms for both the Medal and Scroll

Note: Not all deaths of Service personnel are included in this scheme. To Quote the MOD.The death of any service person, whatever the circumstances, is a tragic loss to his or her family and to the Armed Forces as a whole, but the Elizabeth Cross was instituted specifically to recognise the unique challenges that service personnel face on operations and from terrorism, and the particular burden this places on Service families.

[Picture: Sgt Andy Malthouse, Crown Copyright/MOD 2009]



 From 1 January 2008, all veterans should receive priority access to NHS secondary care for any

 Click to read the full document PDF format

For further information you can either got to and type in Veterans in the search box or go to for further information.


                                      Veterans Badge Extended to 1994
The Armed Forces Veterans Badge has been extended to those who served  as recently as Iraq and Afghanistan
he current HM Armed Forces and UK Merchant Seafarers badge scheme have both been extended to include everyone who has ever served in the UK Armed Services There is no qualifying length of Service.
                                        Obtain your Veterans Badge
You may download an application form to print off  by clicking here.

                            acrobat Reader Version        Microsoft Word Version


                                                 CAP OF HONOUR
The final Chapters in the history of the Glosters have now been added. On sale at the Online shop or over the counter at the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum in Gloucester Docks
Price £18.99  [details]

Made in Bristol Blue Glass; this special edition Gloucestershire Regiment Back Badge paperweight by CGA Engraving of Dursley.  Each order can be personalised by adding your name and years of service or rank & number. For each paperweight sold a donation will be made to the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum. Inscribed £25.90 inc P&P With no inscription £23.90


The Glorious Glosters by The Band of, The Gloucestershire Regiment with special guest Johnny Coppin RSKCD 109.
Click here available from the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum Online Shop £12 inc VAT

An album of music and songs that evoke the Regiment's strong association with its county, and a rare combination of military band and a singer/songwriter. Released in 1990 and voted one of the best six albums of the year by Gramophone magazine. The music includes "Folk Song Suite" by Vaughan Williams, "The Intermezzo From 1st Suite in E flat" by Gustav Holst, and "Three English Dances" by Roger Quilter. The songs include the specially commissioned title song "The Glorious Glosters", "Contrasts" by Ivor Gurney, and new arrangements of Frank Mansell's "The Roads Go Down", F.W. Harvey's "Song of Gloucestershire" and "Warning", and Leonard Clark's "This Night The Stars".
An album of timeless English music.
Engineered by Richard Millard. Produced by Andrew Bennett and Johnny Coppin.

Change Your Details
Are you already a Member of the Regimental Association but have moved address,
Changed your e-mail, no longer receiving the annual newsletter or just  lost touch?
Click here to change your details


Marking the end of the Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment

The Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire & Wiltshire Light Infantry
For Bristol Freedom Parade pictures click here

For Gloucester Freedom Parade pictures click here

For Stroud Freedom Parade pictures click here

For Devizes Freedom Parade pictures click here

For Windsor Freedom Parade pictures click here


The Future
The Rifles Formation Parade held at Basra Palace 1 February 2007

Sporting the cap badges of the Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry (DDLI), the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry, the Royal Green Jackets and the Light Infantry for the last time
[Picture: Cpl Andy Benson (RAF)]
For more information click here to visit the MOD [Army] Website

Click here For the Rifles Official Website

The Road Forward

RGBW United with the LI in an act of Remembrance 12 Nov 2006


Freedom Parades
On Saturday October 4th 2008 The Rifles were in Bristol and Bath.

In the morning the Regiment were Granted the Freedom of the City of Bath.

 In the afternoon, having already been granted the Freedom of the City and County of Bristol the Regiment  exercised their freedom rights.

Click here for the Bath Chronicle report and video.

Click here for the Bristol Evening Post report and video.



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