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The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum
The Museum holds the Archives of the Gloucestershire Regiment. It has its own Reference Library containing many volumes which are completely unique, plus a very large number of documents and photographs relating to the Regiment. A minority of these are browsable via the Collections Section of the museums website at
Whilst the museum does not hold the full service records, they do often hold some unique information on individuals and can therefore help in genealogical research. If after a search of the Archives, they find that they cannot help, they will offer advice on the most fruitful alternative approaches available, if any.

Archive Enquiries
Most documents were not created with the intention of making life easy for researchers! Generally, they were a military requirement completed in the trenches of the Western Front, the jungle of Burma or the boredom of a garrison posting in 19th Century India.

Our experienced Archivist gives freely of his time to deal with enquiries. Sometimes he is able to quickly pinpoint the source of information that will answer an enquiry, or will know that the information requested is not in the archives. Depending on the complexity of the enquiry and the availability of our volunteer, it may take several weeks to construct a response.

How you can help
1. Please only enquire about the Gloucestershire Regiment.

2. For details of the following Regiments visit
The Royal Berkshire Regiment (including the 49th and 66th Regiments, the militia and volunteers)

The Wiltshire Regiment (including the 62nd and 99th Regiments, the militia and volunteers)

The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment. Only historical enquiries, not regarding individuals.

3. Tell us what you already know. It will be a waste of time for us and a disappointment for you if we supply information you knew but failed to tell us. Please err on the side of telling us too much rather than too little.

4. Be specific in your enquiry. Think about what might be required to answer it.

Enquiries by Mail
5.Our resources are limited. We much prefer to receive your enquiries by snail mail and with the correct remittance. Please provide adequate return postage. Whilst we will accept enquiries by email they may be answered by snail mail.
It must be appreciated that, although the archives may contain no information of use to the enquirer, Time and effort is still required to arrive at that conclusion.

Preserving the Past
Many items in the archives are unique. In order to reduce the risk of damage to them, the museum will not normally provide copies of original documents or photographs. Requests for copies will be dealt with on an individual basis and the full costs of any work in producing copies would have to be met by the enquirer.

In dealing with the enquiry, Museum staff will seek to provide complete and accurate information. However, the information can only reflect what is held in the archives, which may be incomplete or non-existent. For instance, the archives do not contain an individual's records but may have personal information through more general documentation.

Fees for research are levied on a not-for-profit basis and used to fund the conservation and maintenance of the Museum and its Archives. The charge for an enquiry is 35.00. This is a one-off, non-refundable fee which will allow volunteer researchers the time to focus on your enquiry.

Not all research produces information. In many cases a negative result takes longer to establish than readily available information.
Cheques should be made payable to: The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum.

If you would like the Curator to help please write to:

Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum (Archive Enquiries)
Custom House
The Docks

Museum and Archive Enquiries

You should also visit  Veterans UK a Ministry of Defence Website for important information on how to obtain soldiers records, replace lost medals, pensions and much more. Click the  logo below.


Tracing Serving or recently discharged Soldiers
The Army Personnel Centre can assist in tracing soldiers either still serving or those who have discharged in the last 5 to 6 years (or later if they are still on the Army Reserve List). The Army Personnel Centre cannot undertake to divulge the current location and/or the address of individuals, but will undertake to forward a letter where an individual can be positively identified.
The letter to the individual should be placed in a sealed envelope with the name and a first class postage stamp on the envelope and forwarded to the following address, together with a covering letter giving as many of the following details of the individual to be contacted as possible. Unfortunately no guarantee can be given that the individual being traced will respond.

Full Name
Date of birth or approximate age
Army Regimental Number
Regiment or Corps
Dates of service
The address of the Army Personnel Centre is

Army Personnel Centre
Disclosure 1
MailPoint 520
Kintigern House
65 Brown Street
G2 8EX

Telephone 0845 600 9663


Researchers will find the  
 Complete History of the Gloucestershire Regiment from it's beginnings in 1694 until amalgamation in 1994 In the 3rd and Final Edition of 'Cap of Honour'
 'Cap of Honour'
The 300 Years of the Gloucestershire Regiment
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