The ‘Slashers Reunited’ pages have several hundred former members of the Regiment listed on its database. Without doubt it is the best way to find the friends you served with or for them to find you. It enables you to add a message or a photograph. With your army number and a password you can add or change your notes, add a photo as you wish, it is your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who manages  Slashers Reunited?

  A.  The Webmaster Phil (Dusty) Miller, himself a former member of the Gloucestershire Regiment.

 Q. What will it cost me to join?

A. Nothing at all. No joining fee no annual membership. This is a website run by a former member of the regiment for the benefit of those who have served. It has the full approval of RHQ. (now County Office The Rifles, Gloucester/Salisbury)

Q. Who can join?

A. Anyone who has served with the GLOSTERS - RGBW - DERR - R.BERKS - WILTS, RIFLES Regular, NS  TA. Also adult instructors CCF -ACF. Attached personnel such as REME, AGC, RAPC, ACC, WRAC etc.If you fall into the category of attached personnel please use the notes section on the application form to tell us which of the above regiments were you attached, your role at the time, when and where. You may also add names of friends that you made during the attachment and hope to find again.

Q. How do I join?

A. Click the link above which says 'Skip this page and go direct to members login'. Enter your details and password, your done!

Q. Who will see my personal details?

A. Only your name, number, e-mail link plus notes and photo you may add. Your home address and telephone number will not be visible on the website. Records of all who have served in the regiment are maintained at RHQ. It important that you keep this up-to-date as you and or your dependants may at some time in later life require assistance. The association is there to help. RHQ will also send you an annual newsletter, details of reunions etc.

Q What can I put in the notes section?

A. Suggest; where you served and when - what you are doing now - pals you would like to find, hobbies etc. For your security you are advised not to show your phone number and home address in your notes section. Webmaster will edit out swear words profanities and other material considered unsuitable for family viewing. You can change your notes as you wish at anytime.

Q. Why do I need a password, I am always forgetting mine?

A. A password protects your entry from being changed or abused by persons unknown without your knowledge.

Q. When do I need to use my password?

A. You only need to use your password if you wish to change your e-mail address, add or amend your notes, add a photo.

Q. What do I do if I loose my password?

A. E-mail the Webmaster by clicking 'contact us' at the foot of most pages. Give your name and army number. The Webmaster will send you a temporary password you can either keep or change at login at any time. Note your original password is encrypted for security and cannot be read by the Webmaster or other persons.

Q. I have changed my e-mail address, what should I do to ensure my friends can still find me?

A. Click on the link at the top of this page it will take you to 'Members Log On System' Click, then enter your army number and password on the left of the page. Click enter. You will then have a list of options, click 'Update your personal details' enter your new e-mail address. Click update details and you are done.

Q. I think I may have forgotten to amend my e-mail address but cannot remember my password is there a quick check I can make?

A. Yes. Click on the link at the top of this page entitled 'Skip this page to view members' Scan down the pages to find your surname. Hover over the small envelope icon opposite your name. Look to the bottom left of your screen and you should see the address you have recorded at Slashers Reunited' If this is wrong follow the advice above to make changes.

Q. How do I add a photograph to my notes?

A. You must first add your notes. Click the link 'Join or Update Slashers' to add notes and or photo. Log in on the left side of the page with your army number and password - After Log in click 'Upload your Photo' - The ‘Choose File’ box will open   - click ‘Browse’ to find where your photo is stored on your computer, for example in ‘My Pictures’ - Having found the photo you require click onto the photo then click the upload button and wait a few seconds.- Please note if the photo is bigger than 1MB chances are that it will not load. If that is the case please send the photo to me via e-mail, I will do the rest.

Q. My photo will not load?

A. Possible reasons: You have not first entered your notes - The photo is bigger than 1MB - A common mistake is made by trying to load the shortcut path to the photo rather than the photo itself. For example a photo on your desktop is only a shortcut to the photo and not the photo itself. Go to where the actual photo is stored, for example ‘My Pictures’ and click that. If all else fails e-mail the photo to the webmaster as a JPEG photo.

 Q. How many photos can I add?

 A. At Slashers Reunited space allows for one photo per member. If you have good quality photographs that will be of general interest to all members, these can be e-mailed in JPEG format to the webmaster for possible inclusion in the website photo gallery.

Q. When I click the envelope icon to e-mail a listed member nothing happens?

A. If you are using a web based e-mail account such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Freeserve, Tiscali etc. you are advised  to set Outlook Express or Outlook as your preferred e-mail provider. For advise on how to do this click here

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