Gloucestershire Regimental Warrant Officers and Sergeants Annual Reunion






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Glosters Warrant Officer's and Sergeant's Mess Annual Reunion 2010
Held in the WO/Sjts mess I RIFLES Beachley Barracks by kind permission of RSM I RIFLES, WO1 (RSM) R Poulter MC.

Gloucestershire Regimental Warrant Officers and Sergeants Annual Reunion

Mark Cornock, Martin Hyde, Basil Sweet

or is it the Pontypool front row.

The Wags

Trying to keep up with smiler

Andy Lewis, Alan Truscott, Harry Whittard.

Keith Kinsey, Ray Wells.

Ö Centre Mick Pinnell, Right Timmy Godden

Ray Deacon, Roy Evans, Ray Mitchell

Wendy Godden and her Dad Tom Hassard.

Mark Cornock, Dave & Ju Ashford, Basil Sweet.

Timmy Godden & Charlie Stevens after the Meeting

Billy Wilcox, Tony Dixon, Bri Phllips & Ivor

We can all do an impression of smiler

Trying to pass the buck, itís a good job and I think you will like it.


Its rent a mob.

Tony, Fluff and Harry all ex 1st xv rugby players

Andy and Ivor strike a pose.

Ivor Johnny & Brad.

Charlie & Natalie proving we are a family Regiment.

Ray & Ushi Wells

Mark, ZoŽ & Kev.

The bar stewards. (Careful)

No I always had the best creases said Ray

Whoís shout is it now?

Allen Truscott, Johnny Davis & Ivor Wood

Mark and the Rays, sounds like a pop group

Mark Stevens, Johnny Yemm & Martin Hyde

Itís a good Job Basil I think you would like it.

Donít listen Baz, Craig is just trying to pass the buck, I know heís been doing it for 6 years.

These young lads donít know there born ďget some in ladsĒ we was in Baghdad when you were, alright we know the rest.

A time to remember.

The Slashers golf tournament stories were very amusing.

We donít do golf.

Rex Kenny doing his Winston Churchill party piece to Geoff Kirby

We all had a great time

An Evening full of Tails and Tears

Thank you Lads for all the years


Gloucestershire Regimental Warrant Officers and Sergeants Annual Reunion

Alec Hall and Harry Whittard

Judy Pinnell Joe Macouch

Mick Pinnell Margaret Temperton

Dicky Dawes Ging Bryan

Ging Bryan Bob Temperton

Gloucester ACF Band & Drums


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